SONO Music Group presents a new infectious collaboration: Dontmesswithjuan and Curly Loops, in Falling Slowly Remix.

SONO announces Falling Slowly (Curly Loops Remix) the new Single by Dontmesswithjuan. A new remix from the beat magician Curly Loops, an infectious collaboration.

🗓️ OUT DECEMBER 17th ⚡ Listen to / Pre-Save ‘ Falling Slowly (Curly Loops Remix) ’ here: https://go.sono.to/fallingslowlyremix 

This song is a remix from song ‘Falling Slowly’ on the debut album of Dontmesswithjuan called ‘Juan & the Pursuit of Happiness’, which was already a Dontmesswithjuan remix of the original track ‘Falling Slowly’ from Atlas Castle. This track is like a remix in a remix.

Curly Loops and Dontmesswithjuan met in their digital existence, and although it was new and foreign to them, it made them realize that beautiful things come out from this. They have bonded through their common imaginative lense and share an imaged way of viewing life’s wonders. Also connected through the love of shared influences, and even though their two sonic universes are distinct, they clearly work with the same intentions and collide into one magical fusion.

Dontmesswithjuan & Curly Loops commented: “Working with Curly Loops is a personal milestone I was eager to get to. We share many common interest, like birds, freedom, Ninja Tune and Amon Tobin. I’ve been a fan of her dark and infectious beats for a while, in which she brings a tasteful & unique touch. I hope I get the opportunity to work more with her. “.