Death Tennis: Harmonizing Through Chaos with Debut Album “DTH TNNS”

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In the ever-changing contemporary soundscape, Montréal’s Death Tennis plants an emboldened foot with their debut album, “DTH TNNS,” full of raw emotion and introspective melodics. Begun in the midst of the uncertainty of April 2020, Talya Amira and Marco Petrella, under the duo name of Death Tennis, set out on their personal journey of self-discovery and healing.

Talya and Marco, alumni who had somehow always been linked with the identity of their respective rigorous programs of music schools, found in Death Tennis an opportunity to redefine their music identities. Free from the bounds and boxes of their formal education, they dived into the creation of “DTH TNNS,” an album that summarizes their collective experiences of loss, learning, love, and the arduous path of self-growth into a sound that is theirs and theirs alone. If their music might be personal to them, it appeals to a universal chord with listeners who are groping through trials and transitions.

“DTH TNNS” is a story related to the relation of man, inevitability of changes, and difficulties in transition in life.

This attests to the further dynamics of music, sometimes even bringing listeners to be able to trace beauty within what is chaotic and consolation in harmony. On their debut, Death Tennis embarks on an artistic journey that honors the unknown, cherishes the chaotic mosaic of life, and holds every mistake dear. Since the album’s launch in November 2023, Death Tennis has gone on to mesmerize Montreal and Toronto live audiences. The pair said they are looking forward to expanding even more in 2024, with plans for more local shows and a tour down the east coast of Canada in September. Amid this burgeoning success, Death Tennis is already setting up the groundwork for their next project: a 5-song EP that promises to explore farther into the depths of their evolving sound.

For those who seek refuge in the emotive power of music, Death Tennis offers a sanctuary.

‘DTH TNNS’ isn’t really an album; it’s more an invitation to listen through the turbulence into finally reaching a process of self-discovery and getting it down into art. As the band finds its voice in Death Tennis, it reminds the listeners of the continuing power of music to heal, unite, and inspire. To hear their characteristic sound and follow the new releases of Death Tennis, as well as find out about the nearest concerts, follow the artist on Instagram, listen on Bandcamp, keep an ear out on the east coast tour. “DTH TNNS” will be released at all streaming services of the taste-making label heralding from Montreal for the latest exciting act.

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