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“Angurværð,” Mighty Bear’s latest EP, marks a poignant and transformative chapter in the artist’s musical journey. Each of the five tracks serves as a vessel carrying the heavy weight of grief and the fragile whispers of hope that emerge in the aftermath of losing a loved one. This EP represents a significant stylistic shift for Mighty Bear, who, until now, was primarily known for their ambient and experimental electronic music. With “Angurværð,” Mighty Bear ventures into the neo-classical realm, drawing on the timeless power of orchestral arrangements to explore the depths of human emotion.
The story behind “Angurværð” begins with a personal tragedy—the loss of a close family member, which Mighty Bear experienced as both a profound personal shock and an artistic crossroads. The title itself, an Old Norse phrase meaning “sorrow’s guard,” reflects the protective role that creating music played in Mighty Bear’s mourning process. This body of work aims not only to guard the artist’s own sorrow but to serve as a sanctuary for others navigating their own losses.
Each composition on the EP follows a different stage of grief, from the initial shock and denial to the painful acceptance and hopeful looking forward.
“Angurværð” is not just a collection of songs but a narrative arc that invites listeners to journey through their own grieving process, offering them a space to reflect and heal. Mighty Bear’s shift to neo-classical music allows for a more expansive and expressive exploration of themes that are universally human, yet deeply personal. With this EP, Mighty Bear not only redefines their artistry but also offers a profound communal experience rooted in the shared understanding of loss and the human capacity for resilience.

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Sólinn er sest
Í hafsins strauma
fyrir þig
fyrir þig
Nóttinn kallar