Picking Up The Pieces, the new Album by Eckman & Borelius

Swedish Duo Releases Soul-Stirring Album ‘Picking Up The Pieces’ – A Musical Journey of Hope and Resilience

Malmo, Sweden

Release Date: 2024-02-16
Check out Picking Up The Pieces here: https://found.ee/xAax9

Let’s meet and talk about Eckman & Borelius. They are a musical duo from Malmo, Sweden. As we can see, they have recently released their new album titled “Picking Up The Pieces”. Composed of Tobias Borelius and Johan Eckman. This record invites listeners to go beyond themselves. You will feel like in a world of atmospheric, soulful, piano-based music. Despite the melancholic undertones, the album offers a glimmer of hope, making it a truly captivating listening experience.

The duo first met in 2022. First of all, They were working together and soon discovered their shared love for music. After, they decided to collaborate on a Christmas song. This was later chosen as one of the year’s best by Sydsvenskan and Barometern in Sweden. This positive response further solidified their partnership. This led to the creation of a permanent duo consisting of piano and vocals.

So, let’s dive into the album’s first two tracks. This will explain part of their job. Their names are “Picking Up The Pieces” and “The Legacy”. We got info about these were based on song ideas from Borelius and Eckman, respectively. Skillfully, these were recorded entirely in Eckman’s home studio. However, nonproject progress without changes. So then, the songs were written in Borelius’ cold storage. After that, Eckman then took them home to work on the arrangements. On the other hand, Borelius recorded the vocals at his place. This collaborative process allowed the duo to create a cohesive album with a unique sound.

The last two tracks, “Waking Up Is Easy” and “Not Your Fault”, were recorded in October 2023, with guest singer Anna Nicole. The album’s production has grown significantly, with the addition of beautiful soundscapes and occasional guitars, but it is ultimately the vocals and piano that stand out and leave a lasting impression.

We can also mention the last two tracks, “Waking Up Is Easy” and “Not Your Fault”. These masterpieces were recorded in October 2023. They had a singer guest: Anna Nicole. All these steps made the album’s production grow significantly. They also made a kind of a spell with the addition of beautiful soundscapes and occasional guitars… Also, it is ultimately the vocals and piano that stand out and leave a lasting impression.

Apart from Eckman & Borelius, Johan also creates piano music for quiet moments. Among them we can mention: Children’s music, and Swedish indie pop under the name Sylvester Wester. On the other hand, Borelius is a member of the bands Emerald Park and And The Broken. You can check out how he adds his soulful vocals to their music.

The duo’s debut album has received positive reviews. Impressively, not only local but also from music critics around the world. For example: Lost In The Manor from Canada praises the album for its “timeless sonic aesthetic and hope-filled lyrical message,”. Also, Roadie Music from Brazil highlights the duo’s strong identity and ability to convey peace and melancholy without sounding “corny.” On the other hand, Italian magazine Artisti Online describes the track “Breathe Out” as a comforting and dreamy song that embraces the listener like a mother would her child.

Recently, Eckman & Borelius made a statement about the album, “This is new to us. We’re very excited to release these songs. These have forced us to leave our comfort zones.” You can see their willingness to experiment. Also, they sound like they were pushing their creative limits. It is evident their evolution in the album’s overall sound makes it a truly remarkable debut for the duo.

So we can say that “Picking Up The Pieces” by Eckman & Borelius is a must-listen for anyone. It’s created for those who appreciate atmospheric music made with soulful skills. Greatly using piano-based sounds. With its themes of hope and resilience, it is the perfect soundtrack for picking up the pieces and moving forward. So sit back, relax, and let Eckman & Borelius take you on a musical journey that will leave you feeling uplifted and inspired.

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