The Baby Goats Electrify the Indie Scene with Debut EP “Electricity”

Check out Electricity here: Link

In the heart of Los Angeles’ vibrant music scene, a new sound is emerging, courtesy of The Baby Goats.

The trio, with Chance on vocals and keys, Greg on drums, and Lance on guitar, has promptly upped their game with the release of their new EP, “Electricity.” They promptly upped their game with the release of their new EP, “Electricity”—it’s like a perfect crossroads where new wave, punk rock, and metal meet, synth-pop meets, and everything meshes into a unique mesh.

Riding the momentum of their first-ever Muso campaign, The Baby Goats ride that wave of enthusiasm with the release of “Electricity,” the second song from their EP. Fired up with the waterfall strategy, they began the release of their song on February 16, 2024, capturing the hearts and increasing the fanbase throughout the nations. Not really a song at all, “Electricity” is the sound of a band inspired and playing live, really living into the soul of just what exactly it is that music can bring to a full room. Influences as wide-ranging as Talking Heads, LCD Soundsystem, and Depeche Mode simmer within the sound of The Baby Goats, boiling just under the driving force of their fusion of indie and punk-influenced sounds. This track really does sum up what they are getting at with their live performances—the charismatic charge that resonates from the performance of every member.

The Baby Goats’ story is one of serendipitous meetings and shared ambitions. Chance, Greg, and Lance quickly became friends through school and discovered that they shared a love for music. This school fundraiser developed into a creative collaboration, and The Baby Goats was the way it came.

The result is music carrying an underlying desire to find one’s own way back to the sheer joy and purity of music-making, asking that simplest of questions: What makes us happy in music?

They were able to capture the energy of their shows and pour it into a single song with their brand-new “Electricity. And the pre-release music video for “Electricity”—one that contains live footage from a recent show in Hollywood, CA, at Harvard & Stone—quite literally proves as much with the band’s kinetic energy and palpable camaraderie with listeners. Despite their rapid rise and explosion of metrics on Spotify, The Baby Goats remain humbled, branding themselves a “baby band” with worlds of growth ahead. Their journey is a reminder that power endures in music to bind, shape, and inspire. The Baby Goats still stampede their music across the indie scene, insisting their listeners enjoy the electricity of a live palette, thrill at risking new discovery, and bond in the unity of a live, shared musical experience. The debut EP of the band, and with many more shows promised and a new EP on the horizon, The Baby Goats are much more than a band to keep your eyes on.