Amberscent - The Wound Article Image - SONO Music Press Release

Amberscent’s New Single, “The Wound”, Now on SONO Music

.Rome, Italy

Experience the intricate sound of Amberscent’s new single The Wound with distinctive voice and a synth/orchestra dialogue on SONO Music today. A bold and elegant dialogue between synth and orchestra, as her voice tells the story.

Release Date: 2023-03-24
Check out The Wound here: https://go.sono.to/thewound

SONO Music is proud to announce the release of the new single, “The Wound”, from the Italian artist, Amberscent.

The song, a bold and elegant dialogue between synth and orchestra, tells a story through her distinctive voice. Amberscent was born in the Marche region of Italy, and is now based in Rome. Her music is a combination of classical music, music for cinema, and electronic instrumentation.

Amberscent commented, “The most ambitious goal about this track and about the upcoming album is to allow people to lose themselves in the music, in all of their emotions and feelings, but still feeling their feet grounded on the floor.

I think that it is so important for us as human beings to be conscious that we are not separated from ourselves: our feelings are not separated from our bodies.

Most of the times you can fully live this connection when you are distracted. I called this ‘the meticulous attention of being distracted’, because every time I come back after being absorbed in something, I feel I have actually never been more present than that.

Somehow, while I compose I know that the focus has to be on this, and not on me. In the meanwhile, let’s say I don’t hide or lie about who I am in my songs: I just skip the part in which I say I am a person like everybody else.”

Amberscent Biography

Amberscent - The Wound Article Image - SONO Music Press Release

Amberscent is mainly dedicated to the soundtrack of short films, video art, and also the live performances of soundtracks on films. In 2021, she won an award for the best experimental soundtrack of a historic advertising spot in the “SeeUsound” international competition.

“The Wound” is the first single from Amberscent’s upcoming album, and the perfect introduction to her unique and captivating sound.

Meet Amberscent on Social Media

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/amber_scent/
Spotify: Amberscent on Spotify

Amberscent on Spotify

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