Gintsugi - Complete Article Image - SONO Music Press Release

SONO Music announces Complete, the new Single by Gintsugi

Discover the Inspiring Art-Pop Lullaby of Hope & Healing, Wrapping Shadows with Light.

Grenoble, France

Release Date: 2023-06-16
Check out Complete here: https://go.sono.to/complete

SONO Music is excited to announce Gintsugi’s second single “Complete”, from her upcoming album The Elephant in the Room.

Gintsugi - Complete Article Image - SONO Music Press Release

Gintsugi’s art-pop music has been described as “wrapping shadows with light”, exposing the beauty in imperfection and finding strength in vulnerability. The singer and multi-instrumentalist (piano, electronics, guitar) produces her own work. Her first self-titled EP was produced by Victor Van Vugt (Nick Cave, Beth Orton). Her first full-length album is expected in the fall of 2023, in collaboration with SONO Music and Beautiful Losers Records.

“Complete” is conceived as a lullaby, a simple song where the sound of the voice and the piano carry a message that could be sung to a child. It is a message of hope, a daring challenge to the cynicism of the world based on power plays and domination.

Gintsugi commented: “I was inspired by pop singers from the fifties and sixties, both for the vocals and for the melody, the song to me has a vintage flavor. The message that I wanted to convey is an almost trivial one, but full of implications. You are complete, you don’t need to chase ‘sweet dreams’ to run away from yourself. I wanted to give the song a feeling of hope, in contrast with the cynicism of lyrics like the 80s song Sweet Dreams (are made of this). I thought it was funny to dare to disagree to this model of the world based on power plays and domination, opening a window to the possibility of healing and freedom.”

SONO Music is proud to present Gintsugi’s “Complete”. It is a song of hope, of healing, of freedom. This song will be available to the public on April 14th, 2021.

Listeners can find “Complete” on all major streaming platforms. To learn more about Gintsugi, visit her website at gintsugi.com

Meet Gintsugi on Social Media
Instagram: www.instagram.com/gintsugimusic
Spotify: Gintsugi on Spotify

Gintsugi on Spotify


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