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STYKS - over it - SONO Music

This song represents a growing process, showing a melancholic, helpless vibe at the beginning, slowly changing throughout the song to a more motivating, energetic setting.
I wrote this song when I was just finishing my apprenticeship. Even though I was still struggling with depression at that time, the fact that I was almost “free” and so close to having the opportunity to do whatever I want, motivated me very much and helped me to drag myself out of this mental hole. I guess that’s exactly how to describe this piece. The rise out of a deep dark hole and the gained strength, once you got “over it”! 🙂


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STYKS – over it Lyrics


Caving in, need some space when I fall in between
Soiled my soul
Had the keys but got stuck right at the front door

Now there is dirt all over my clothes
My hoodie drenched right up to the core
Skin is soaked, body temperature drops
Feels like I‘m leaving me to rot

I‘m not fine, just better
But still hiding up what’s deep below
A shell that’s crumbling down
And breaks my skull

Uh, I keep losing interest
Every single day I grow older, I’m over it
Yea, but you’re so damn vicious
Knocking down my head off my shoulders

And it leaves behind a trail
Of memories splattered on my old bedsheets
As you’re creeping up behind me
Now I scream

Cause it’s hurting me
Though rationally I know that It just don’t make sense
And I should prolly sleep

Spending time by myself
But I ain’t not alone
And I grieve over my health though
I’m the one who pushed me down this hole

How did you
Get above me?
Above me

Won’t give you no more control
So tasteless how you tried to cope with
Scenarios you should let go since
You grew up and set a new focus

Seems like that you´ve been mistaken
I‘m not one of your creations
I’m leaving
No I won’t plead no more

You’re so fucked up
Made me hiccup
Way too fucked up
I’m way too sick of

You being fucked up
Made me hiccup
Way too fucked up
I’m way too sick of

Set my head straight
Got a grip, kicked you out
I won’t feed your addiction

Got a clean hood, new route
I made a move out
No I don’t need your permission


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