The American Hotel System – Can You Hear It?

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The American Hotel System - Can You Hear It? - SONO Music

Songs, like people, need time to grow. This record has grown and developed alongside The American Hotel System’s musical journey as a band. It started nearly four years ago over a conversation with producer Jake Rye. Shortly after, the world was hit with the global pandemic and all of the band’s plans came to a halt. The band commented, “We’re grateful for that time as it allowed us to grow and stretch into a better version of ourselves. A year ago, we started pre-production and Jake has walked alongside us throughout the process and helped push these songs to be their best.”

From the existential yearnings of “Can You Hear It?” to the introspective mental health journey of of “Tripping,” this EP explores the complexities of relationships and the impact of our thoughts and emotions. “Fire” ignites with raw intensity, delving into the pain and growth that come from letting go of our egos. In “Seattle,” the band paints a vivid picture of growth, capturing the universal language of love and connection. “21st” reflects on the challenges of navigating the modern world while seeking personal growth and selflessness. Finally, “Not The End” offers a poignant reflection on mortality and the legacy we leave behind.

The American Hotel System

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