Angel Olsen Covers Lucinda Williams’ ‘Greenville’

It's a gorgeous rendition…

Angel Olsen has shared a beautiful take on Lucinda Williams’ classic ‘Greenville’.

The songwriter’s excellent new album ‘Big Time’ deals with some extremely tough personal issues, while also absorbing the lessons of country music.

Specially recorded for Amazon Music, Angel Olsen has just shared her take on a peerless slice of music.

‘Greenville’ remains a picturesque highlight of the Lucinda Williams catalogue, a wonderfully absorbing song riddled with home truths.

Online now, Angel Olsen makes the song her own, with a dulcet, emotive vocal.

She comments…

“Before I wrote ‘Big Time’ I found a new obsession and love for Lucinda’s body of work. There is no one like her out there. It’s clear to me that her songs come from a very real place, and that’s the only kind of writing I like.”

“I recorded my version of ‘Greenville’ in Los Angeles earlier this month with Kyle Thomas of King Tuff. We’ve known each other for a while, but never recorded music together. Kyle made this so fun to record and we had a great time goofing around. Meg Duffy also sang with me on this track. Meg showed me this song for the first time years ago and was the first one to introduce me to Lucinda’s music. It was very meaningful to have them on the track with me.”

Tune in now.

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