Arliston Release Dreamy Indie Pop Masterpiece ‘How In Heaven’

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Check out How in Heaven here

South London indie pop duo, Arliston, have released their latest single, “How In Heaven,” the first installment from their forthcoming EP set to drop this summer. The track builds from dreamy electronic textures and immense percussive drum patterns that ebb and flow seamlessly, creating a lo-fi indie pop masterpiece. The deep, hazy vocal meanders atop, piecing together fragments of memories that tell the story of why a relationship broke down.

Vocalist Jack explains that the song is a classic “you don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone” story, with the incredulous chorus line “How in heaven did I walk over you?” The verses start with the character trying to establish individuality and self-determination but ultimately reveal the person they left behind was wonderful and ignored. The track was recorded in Dock Street Studios in East London with Chris Blakey, and mixed by Brett Shaw, showcasing Arliston’s mesmeric blend of spacey production and dreamlike rich harmonies.

Arliston burst onto the scene in 2018 with their critically acclaimed EP ‘Hawser’ and have since released two more EPs, gaining widespread editorial support from publications such as Clash, Wonderland, and Earmilk. “How In Heaven” showcases the band’s most mature body of work to date, packed with expansive, large-scale songs that zero in on the “Arliston” sound.