Berlin-Based Band Lump200 Releases Trippy New Single “I am the Elephant in the Room

Lump200’s 5th album “Isles of You” to be released with unique social-audio app in May

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Berlin-based experimental music group, Lump200, is gearing up to release their fifth album, Isles of You, along with a social-audio web-app called islesofyou in May. The app allows users to easily record and publish their own audio contributions to the music and projects, creating an open and inclusive platform for collaboration. I am the Elephant in the Room, the second single from the upcoming album, showcases Lump200’s unique electro-acoustic sound, which switches seamlessly from composition to improvisation and back again.

Led by René Desalmand, Lump200 has been producing avant-garde collisions since the noughties, with a sound that refuses to be pigeonholed into any one genre. While their previous releases have eased their eccentric tracks onto the dancefloor, their latest album sees them questioning the separation of stage and floor, with experiments that challenge traditional performance boundaries.

The beta version of islesofyou will launch a few days after the release of I am the Elephant in the Room, allowing users to embed their own voices into reduced Lump200 tracks and projects. An updated version of the app will drop with the album, giving users the ability to upload and curate their own projects and initiate a variety of co- and crowd-creations.

Lump200’s innovative approach to music-making, along with their willingness to collaborate with their listeners, makes Isles of You and islesofyou an exciting prospect for fans of experimental music.