Bez Suffers “Dangerous” Accident During Dancing On Ice

His helmet flew off during the accident…

Happy Mondays star Bez suffered a “dangerous” accident during Dancing On Ice.

Phillip Schofield broke the news, losing his cool during an interview with the Sun.

The show skates its way back on to the ITV airwaves this week, but the sub-zero conditions have already claimed one victim.

According to the genial touch-of-grey morning personality Bez came a cropper on the ice, enduring a “dangerous” accident.

The host said he saw Bez’s helmet “fly off” after he hit the ice at speed – although thankfully, he seems to have bounced back.

Schofield said: “You have a rink that is full of essentially blades and we know how dangerous they can be and how deeply they can cut and how sharp they are…”

He adds: “I’ve just watched a video of Bez on his second day fall over backwards so hard that his helmet flew off. Dancing On Ice is really dangerous.”

Probing the risks associated with Dancing On Ice, he commented: “We’ve seen in the past that people do get hurt and, of course, you want to avoid that at all cost. I think we will be wrapping Bez up in bubble wrap that’s for sure.”

As for Bez, previously the baggy icon said: “At the moment it’s more like Bambi On Ice, not Dancing On Ice. How I got picked I don’t know because I was absolutely awful at the audition but they must have seen some potential in me!” He continued: “I’m looking forward to learning a new skill and I can’t wait for the Christmas ice rinks again and I can get on there and really show off.”

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Source: https://www.clashmusic.com/news/bez-suffers-dangerous-accident-during-dancing-on-ice