Discover Kenzie Lynn

Exploring deep into feelings of solitude, young singer-songwriter Kenzie Lynn wrote and recorded an emotional piano ballad, She’s Thinking of You” for her sophomore release.

This song tells the story of a girl who holds in her feelings (“She has learned to put on a show/ so nobody knows)” in a world where people are too preoccupied and distracted to care (“She knows no one pays attention to anything).

This girl has also tried changing her values too many times trying to fit in with others until she couldn’t change anymore (She has changed too many times her colors ran out).

Kenzie Lynn is currently working on recording her third single, with a binder full of more songs to record.

You can find her current two singles on most major music outlets including Spotify, Amazon, and Apple Music, and connect with her on Instagram @kenzie_lynn_music

While not writing songs, she also enjoys writing poetry and shares it on her poetry Instagram page @thevoiceofpoetry

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