Fernandez - No Body Article Image - SONO Music Press Release

Dynamic Vocalist Fernandez’s New Single ‘No Body’ is an Unforgettable Cinematic Experience!

Listen to this Unique Blend of Genres and Prepare to Be Captivated by Fernandez’s Mesmerizing Vocals!

Melbourne, Australia

Release Date: 2023-03-17
Check out No Body here: https://linktr.ee/fernandezmusic

Dynamic vocalist Fernandez captures audiences with her new single ‘No Body’. The melodic, emotive vocals, haunting heavy grooves and epic widescreen cinematic sound reminiscent of the 50’s Bond era, make this single a must-listen.

Fernandez - No Body Article Image - SONO Music Press Release

Fernandez is an Australian musician, songwriter and vocalist with an impressive array of musical experiences and genres to her name. From Trip Hop, Roots, Jazz and Contemporary music, Fernandez has explored a variety of music to create her unique sound. Her early leanings towards Jazz can be heard on the album ‘Fernandez and Wright, Unsung’ which received rave reviews both locally and internationally. Unsung hit #32 on the CMJ Jazz Music Charts in the US and #42 on the Jazz Week World Charts.

In 2023 Fernandez looks to release a Solo Album within the genre of Cinematic Trip Hop – Alternate Pop. This is a collaboration with one of Australias pioneering, esoteric producers, Greg J Walker (Machine Translations, Paul Kelly, C.W Stoneking, Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries).

Fernandez’s single ‘No Body’ is an exciting introduction to her upcoming solo album and showcases a mesmerising blend of genres. It is sure to captivate listeners and provide a unique, cinematic experience. Be sure to give it a listen and check out Fernandez’s other work to see what else she has in store.