Fiorucci’s 59th Street Collection

A love letter to New York…

Fiorucci is going back to its roots with a new “59th Street” collection for the summer. Drawing inspiration from 59th Street and Fiorucci’s heyday as the ‘daytime Studio 54′, the collection is evocative of long summer nights in the city.

Built on an electrifying colour palette interjected with monogram logos, disco ball prints, cosmic swirls and cherry graphics from the archive, the collection is a vibrant take on all the things that made Fiorucci so great in the beginning. Matching denim sets, brand-favourrite bowling shirts, flared trousers and effervescent acceossires provide perfect dance floor dressing.

Conceptualised by artistic director Daniel Flecher and shot by American photographer Bryce Anderson, the campaign is reminiscent of coming-of-age days and night at the height of disco.

Avaialble now at fiorucci.com

Source: https://www.clashmusic.com/fashion/fioruccis-59th-street-collection