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Get to Know CH/ZZY in His Debut Album ‘Late Start’

Listen to 12 Tracks of Energetic and Soulful Hip-Hop Music From Chicago-born Artist CH/ZZY

Chicago, United States

Release Date: 2023-03-03
Check out Late Start here: https://open.spotify.com/album/678uxM8utOPCVvsy8uQ1Ty?si=Jh7Wg0HER5-toDdFvMzvxA

CH/ZZY, born Corey M Chiz, is an artist who grew up in Manteno, Illinois. From a young age, CH/ZZY was passionate about art, and he pursued his love for it by studying graphic design at Illinois State University. He also had a deep love for hip-hop music, which led him to start writing rhymes in his teenage years. After moving to Chicago in 2010, CH/ZZY spent much of his time recording songs, juggling his life between an office job and any chance he had to be creative. He released his first album, Late Start, in 2023.

CH/ZZY - Late Start Article Image - SONO Music Press Release

In this interview, CH/ZZY discusses his inspiration for making music, his sound, future releases, proudest moment, engagement with fans, genres he enjoys listening to, elements that inspire him, and his music creation process.

In a recent interview, CH/ZZY shared insights on his inspiration, sound, future releases, proud moments, fan engagement, music genres, inspiration, music creation process, and upcoming releases.

When asked about what inspired him to make music, CH/ZZY shared that he has always been an artist, starting with sketching and drawing as a kid. He studied art and graphic design in college and later discovered a passion for writing lyrics as a result of his love for hip hop culture. Their primary motivation now is to share his passion and dedication with the world, with a goal to make a career out of it.

When asked about his sound, CH/ZZY mentioned that his songs have a more 90’s, old school vibe to him, leaning towards a more underground approach, shining a lot of light on the days of freestyle and rap battling.

In terms of future/upcoming releases, CH/ZZY has just released their album, “Late Start,” and is taking a short break after 18 months of non-stop writing and recording. CH/ZZY has a collaborative project with Warchild coming up next, where they plan to have fun and put something insane together.

His proudest moment as a musician so far has been the release of their first official album, “Late Start.” CH/ZZY feels accomplished to have recorded the album, pouring their blood, sweat, and tears into the songs.

The artist plans to keep his fans engaged by releasing more music and connecting with them on a personal level. He wants to go beyond an introduction and provide a raw, honest opportunity for fans to understand who CH/ZZY really is.

When asked about other genres of music he enjoys listening to, CH/ZZY mentioned that he loves indie, alternative, punk, electronic, folk, pop, and is constantly attending concerts and music festivals.

In terms of his music creation process, CH/ZZY is an “album guy” and focuses on track transition and flow. He typically starts by jotting down different concepts, listening to music, finding inspiration, and searching for beats from producers that he wants to work with. CH/ZZY prefers to get most of the writing for an album done before recording

CH/ZZY is grateful for the opportunity to share his music with the world and commented, “Thank you for listening. I’m extremely grateful for every person I have the opportunity to entertain with my music. There is plenty more CH/ZZY on the way, so stay connected and share away. Late Start is just the first steps to an incredible journey, so let’s grow this community together. I’m just getting started.”

The album is available to stream and buy on all major platforms, and is a great introduction to the world of CH/ZZY. With plenty more music on the way, this is a great time to get to know CH/ZZY and his music.

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