Sea Change Channels Isolation With ‘Is There Anybody There’

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Sea Change has shared her new piece ‘Is There Anybody There’.

The Norwegian musician – real name Ellen A. W. Sunde – is drawn towards fringe emotions, allowing these to drive her work.

New album ‘Mutual Dreaming’ is out on February 11th, and it’s a project fuelled by isolation and innovation, allowing creativity to propel her.

Icy new song ‘Is There Anybody There’ is online now, and it draws on the fear and seclusion prompted by lockdown.

A piece that deals with solitary emotions, ‘Is There Anybody There’ pivots from seclusion towards something more universal.

Sea Change comments…

“‘Is There Anybody There’ came from a very lonely place – it was in the middle of the lockdown and all the streets were empty, and I guess I can say for a lot of people it was quite lonely at times. But then the song developed into this mindset where I tried to put myself into the body of someone who feels this lonely and alienated all the time, who longs for contact and validation, someone that’s outside of the system, living on the fringes of society, longing to be understood.”

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Source: https://www.clashmusic.com/news/sea-change-channels-isolation-with-is-there-anybody-there