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Interview with David Peril: A Songwriter Revived

Experience His Unique Mix of Tempos and Sounds in ‘She’s Everyone’s Girl’

Liverpool, United Kingdom

Release Date: 2023-03-22
Check out SHE’S EVERYONES’S GIRL here: https://ditto.fm/shes-everyones-girl

David Peril is an artist who had a long break from songwriting, but returned to it a year ago and has been working on a new album since. His music is heavily influenced by the harmonies and melodies of classic rock, and he is determined to create music with a unique sound. In this interview, he talks about his music creation process, upcoming releases, and how he plans to keep his fans engaged.

Introducing the new single from David Peril, ‘She’s Everyone’s Girl’. The UK-based musician, who hails from Liverpool, has been writing music for over two decades, and recently returned to recording. His new single is a testament to his skill as a songwriter and recording artist, with strong melodies and harmonies that harken back to classic artists like Buddy Holly and the Beach Boys.

The song is a heartfelt ode to a special someone in the artist’s life. David has decided to take a more personal approach to his songs, writing lyrics from the heart and not necessarily to fit in with what’s popular. He has taken risks in order to create a song that is true to his own experiences, and the result is a track that is both passionate and relatable.

The track also features backing from his experienced musical friends, who have helped to create a unique sound that is all its own. With a mix of tempos and sounds, David has crafted a song that is sure to capture the hearts of listeners everywhere.

Q: What inspired you to make music again after a 22-year break? A: Well, I can’t think of anything else I could do to release some stress and get some of the thoughts and feelings I have out. I’ve always loved harmonies and melodic music so I think of or come up with them all the time whether I’m writing a song or not. It’s always easier to write a song after some heartache.

Q: How would you describe your sound?

A: Real music to sway to a bit. All my songs are different paces but are based around me and an acoustic. Maybe I have too many songs in 6/8, but I’m working on that. My music has been placed in easy listening, brit pop, rock and metal, but they are all songs written with a hook and not me playing to any particular style.

Q: What are your plans for future/upcoming releases?

A: This single will be on an album I have set to release soon. All the tracks are recorded so I’ve just got to try and get the balance right in the mixes with my engineer and part-time drummer Michael Holcroft. I always have a couple songs I write every week I see him that I want to get down but if I stop that then we should finish and have it ready to release on 1st May. I go in once a week for 4 hours less Plant burger break. It’s not a lot of time, so that’s why it’s taken me a year.

Q: What has been your proudest moment as a musician so far?

A: Not ever swearing at a recording company rep.

Q: How do you plan to keep your fans engaged?

A: I could put out a song a week, but don’t think that would do any good. For now, I have enough down so it’s about trying to get heard by the right people and maybe working a bit more on social media and getting some worthwhile gigs. I’m not sure my genre is listed anymore. Maybe someone could listen to “She’s Everyone’s Girl” and tell me.

Q: What Other Genres of Music Do You Enjoy Listening To?

A: I don’t mind a bit of Vitalic and Daft Punk but its hard to get me away from listening to 50s and 60s stuff. I love all the Phil Spector stuff, without the murder of course. As you get older you go through the radio stations 1, 2 , 3, 4 to classical. The odd opera. I’m going to come across as pretty boring but I can’t stand the current state of music. All the sounds used are already pre-produced for them to sing or talk over the top of. If I had to listen to rap or hip hop I’d still be going back to De La Soul and Beastie Boys, something creative and light hearted. I’m saying the same things now that my dad used to say to me 20 years ago.

Q: What Is Your Music Creation Process Like?
There are two ways I write a song. The first is to drink whisky and later in the night I will record into my phone something barely legible. A few weeks later I stumble upon it and finish whatever I was rambling on about. The second is to strum my guitar till I find a hook to go along with a melody or line that pops into my head. Then I go in to Upholland Studios to see my mate who records me. I work out the song structure and then separately I will record a vocal. Sometimes I have a verse written but mainly make things up on the spot. I can usually change the lyrics a couple times. (I’ve a song called Ice Wine that I have 4 sets of lyrics for. My engineer loves me). That’s it really. Then the fun begins getting other instruments and trying to fill it in to what was running though my head. Thankfully I have some good friends like Michael, Alex and Gus Kirkpatrick and Dan Brown who will add something if I ask them. She’s Everyone’s Girl I have two friends from Kviv playing violin and cello and they did got it spot on I think.

Q: Tell us about your upcoming releases and provide further details about them:

A: I have this album of 10-12 songs that’s close to being released and I’m half way through another one that will be a bit more towards alt rock that I’d like to finish before the year. It would be great to collaborate with someone in the future. I’m not expecting any kind of success, there’s a lot more cooler people ahead of me.

At the end of the interview, David commented: I have, for the first time written some very personal lyrics where as in the past I’d write in the 3rd person, so I don’t care so much as I used to about what other people think. Emotions within a song are a good thing if they are truly from the heart and not designed to fit in.

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