Tom A. Smith Shares Biting Single ‘Wolves’

Prodigal songwriter takes his next step…

There’s an age-old rule about working for 10,000 hours before you truly master something.

Now, we can’t verify if that’s true or not, but prodigal songwriter Tom A. Smith must surely have clocked up 10,000 hours before he was even in his teens.

The 17 year old played his first show at the ripe old age eight, supporting local heroes Detroit Social Club at a packed out show.

Since then he’s worked relentlessly on his music, focussing on his individual voice in the process.

As he puts it: “It’s never normal. Every single time it happens it’s surreal. Music is always what I wanted to do. I just fell in love with it. I asked for guitar lessons when I was four. It’s all I’ve ever known.”

And then came the pandemic. Left with time on his hands, Tom A. Smith took another about-turn, and applied intense focus to his creativity.

“At the start of 2020 I probably had about eleven songs, but then I thought, ‘OK, right, I’m really going to go for it now…’ I spent seven hours a day every day working on and recording music. I think I’ve got about nine albums’ worth of songs now!”

New single ‘Wolves’ continues his rise, and it’s a biting return from the youthful songsmith.

Bold of chorus and impeccably detailed, ‘Wolves’ twists and turns, keeping you guessing from first note to last.

We’re able to share the daredevil visuals, another epic insight into his world – check out the video below.

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