Track Of The Day 25/11 – Rebecca Vasmant

'Dance Yourself Free'

Rebecca Vasmant has a long been a key voice in the UK jazz community.

A Glasgow based selector, her impeccable taste has cut through genre lines, building into a singular voice.

Never afraid to rep her home city, Rebecca also looks to the universal, especially in her own work.

Freshly signed to Tru Thoughts, her incoming EP ‘Dance Yourself Free’ was recorded in just a few hours, and from the title down it’s a salute to sheer abandon.

As she puts it: “That beautiful moment when every person in the club is united by the music. In that moment, we are all the same, we are all happy and we are all free. That’s the Dance Yourself Free moment”.

The title track is out now, a furious blend of broken beat abstraction and the open-ended possibilities of jazz, all held together with a finessed sense of purpose.

Emilie Boyd and Harry Weir work alongside Rebecca Vasmant on the track, which races out of the traps on the first note, and just keeps accelerating.

Tune in now.

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Source: https://www.clashmusic.com/news/track-of-the-day-2511-rebecca-vasmant