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SONO Music announces a new version of Fim do Mundo, by Lumanzin

Lumanzin now releases an extra track from her latest album “Mansinha“, the instrumental version of the track “Fim do Mundo”.

Release Date: 02/09/2022
Listen to / Pre-Save ‘ Fim do Mundo (instrumental) ’ here: https://go.gono.to/fimdomundo 

Lumanzin released “Mansinha“, the artist’s second album that counts with 22 participations. This album is another step Lumanzin takes toward her international career and recognition.

The first single of the album, the track “Fim Do Mundo ” released in October 2021, now comes as an instrumental version.

This song title is “end of the world” when translated, so the energetic instrumental is kind of an irony.

The lyric version talks about a land without hope, but the instrumental for sure gives you some. The track is one of the best examples of what’s going on in the contemporary mix of Brazilian and Hispanic Latin American music.

This track was the first one to be written. It was the peak of the pandemic and the hopeless situation in Brazil made Lumanzin consider crazy options to turn her life upside down.

So that’s what she did. In February 2021, Lu left Brazil for the unknown, flying to Albania in order to wait for Europe to open up to finally be able to attend a few art residencies she was selected to participate in. She lived for 4 months in a small village called Borsh, and there also recorded a video clip of her song “grito desesperado de mulheres abandonadas” that was selected to run for an award at Lift-Off Sessions, in London. After Albania, she went to Can Serrat art residency and developed some visual works, but because she was running out of money decided to go to Greece in order to try to recover financially during the summer.

What she wasn’t expecting was to be slaved by a bar owner, keeping her in terrible working and living conditions, and not paying her for her work in the end. What saved her, literally, was going to England and being in touch with Benji “Chief” Appiah, a local drummer, who opened the first door for her in England. There, she faced a whole new structure of life and started to realize the things she was missing day by day, that’s when she wrote the second single “dia a dia”, which talks about this weird moment of loneliness while discovering a new place. The track was recorded in London in partnership with Ayman Sinada, a Sudanese multi-instrumentalist, and the video clip was recorded in Florianópolis (BR) in partnership with Lui Cobra (BR).

“Mansinha” is all about beauty. Beautiful landscapes, slow-motion images, and the contemplation process that she wants to put people into without, of course, losing the Brazilian groove. Keywords would be: sun, loads of natural light, clean water, green, sand.

Lumanzin commented: “”Fim do Mundo” is one of my favorite tracks of my discography because it has a full live band and is full of energy. What I wanted to conquer with the album “Mansinha” was to have many people that I love and admire working with me, adding their taste and their ideas to the songs. “Fim do Mundo” wasn’t different and I think it is one of the best tracks to give an instrumental version to people so they can add their feelings to it. New lyrics, new instruments, new ideas.
This space that I’m opening to people to create with me is one step to a bigger goal that is to record and write songs in English so it can reach more people. When I was touring with the album release in London, locals were singing the songs, but they couldn’t understand what they were saying, so… A good opportunity to give them space to sing with me and a good beginning for a new era. I have a whole EP in the oven, but until then, I’ll invite everyone I can and that feels like sharing a bit of their soul with this track”.

Artist Bio

Lumanzin is a Brazilian musician and visual artist that has been conquering hearts around the world. With a great discography and participating on projects that range from raggae to pop to experimental music, the artist shows that it’s possible to be and belong in a wide variety of genres and proposals.

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