SONO Music announces Between Strength And Beauty, the new Album by Amberscent

Discover the Mesmerizing Blend of Classical and Electronic Sounds in Amberscent’s Debut Album

Rome, Italy

“Between Strength and Beauty” è il suo primo full length Album che, attraverso la descrizione dei bordi sonori tra strumenti classici (acustici) ed elettronici, vuole descrivere i bordi delle nostre emozioni.

Release Date: 2024-01-26
Check out Between Strength And Beauty here: https://go.sono.to/betweenstrengthandbeauty

SONO Music is excited to announce the release of Amberscent‘s debut full-length album, “Between Strength and Beauty“. This highly anticipated album is a stunning display of the artist’s unique blend of classical and electronic music, showcasing the edges between our emotions and the power of music.

Amberscent, also known as Giada Squarcia, hails from Rome, Italy and her musical journey has been shaped by her classical music studies, music for cinema studies, and research on electronic instruments. With “Between Strength and Beauty”, she brings all of these elements together in a truly mesmerizing way.

The album is a collection of tracks that explore the boundaries between classical and electronic sounds, reflecting the artist’s own journey of self-discovery. Amberscent’s music is a reflection of the emotions and experiences that shape us, and she masterfully captures the beauty and complexities of these feelings in her music.

In addition to her own project, Amberscent has also made a name for herself in the world of soundtracks. She has worked on numerous short films and video art projects, and has even performed live soundtracks for films, earning her recognition and awards for her exceptional talent.

When asked about the inspiration behind “Between Strength and Beauty”, Amberscent commented, “This album is not something I suddenly or precisely decided to write about. It is something I’ve been writing about since I remember. And I guess I’ll never stop, because what I found in it is too important to be told in just one big chapter. The moment we are in a trench of feelings among all those forces that tug at us, and we realize that the only thing we can do is to see the beauty of it, then I think something has happened there. And for me there is Wonder, there is Love.”

“Between Strength and Beauty” is a thought-provoking and emotive album that will captivate listeners from start to finish. With its intricate blend of classical and electronic sounds, it is a testament to Amberscent’s incredible musical talent and her ability to connect with listeners on a deeper level.

Experience the magic of “Between Strength and Beauty” by Amberscent. The album is available on all major streaming platforms. For more updates, follow Amberscent on social media and stay tuned for more exciting news from SONO Music.

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