SONO Music announces Forevermore, the new single by Van Elst

Finding ways to cope with existential thoughts about endings, VAN ELST offers us an intimate moment of comfort inside his forevermore world with his latest release..

Release Date: 23/09/2022
Listen to / Pre-Save ‘ Forevermore ’ here: https://go.sono.to/forevermore 

With his new single ‘Forevermore’ Dutch Electronic Dream pop artist VAN ELST carries us through intricate sonic melancholic depths to share with us an intense moment of hope and intimacy while questioning the infinite.

Presenting the idea of forever wanting to hold on to that perfect instant moment with someone, in which we’d never want the end of time to arrive and become a truthful reality. Using his distinctive mystical vocals accompanied by dark floaty bass lines and drum samples the artist invites us into a safe space to then share with us the undeniable reality that we all share a vulnerable, heartbreaking, perishable yet beautiful start and ending.

Van Elst commented: “The main inspiration for writing ‘Forevermore’ came to me after an eye-opening experience I endured on a dark winter’s night in December 2021, undergoing a blue purple vision of an ethereal body lighting up like a shimmer in the darkness. Having this occurrence edged into my mind the next day while revisiting this “episodic memory”, the song flowed out of me in such a natural way. I quickly recorded the vocals and lyrics using my laptop with a SM58 microphone creating a very personal emotional sensation.

While creating the song, I envisioned myself submerged into the same pool of blue and purple matter, entangled with someone I love “until the end of time”, holding on to the romantic and perhaps naïve idea that as long as we’d hold onto each other nothing could ever change or break us apart.

After analyzing what intrigued me most about this memory, I found that this moment in which I felt this feeling of eternal happiness was difficult to retain after it left my present mind. By putting this moment into lyrical writing and musical landscapes I managed to capture this recollection for myself, to relive it every time I listen to the song, making them stay with me for as long as I know forever exists.
I hope the message of ‘Forevermore’ will transpire to the listener the same way as it does to me and make them feel less alone by sharing these common fears and existential thoughts.

Besides hoping that the song will have a personal impact on people, I feel that it works very well as a successor to my previous release ‘Où es-tu’. Even-though it has melancholic elements, ‘Forevermore’ is leaning more towards finding a calling in life rather than focussing on being completely lost, carrying sparks of hope. As I develop and grow as an artist my next single will most likely build further upon this story, which I am very excited about.”.

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