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Amberscent - Explained - SONO Music

“Explained” tell us everything without saying anything: it warms us up without even touching us.
By listening to this piano solo we are able both to follow the harmonic and melodic steps with meticulous attention, and to distract ourselves in our deepest thoughts.
Amberscent wants to show us that some things are not entirely explainable through words, but they can be explained only when we can feel them.
She refers to those moments when we feel something that we first describe in the universal language of emotions, in order to be able to put them into words.
Following this path, in the third single Amberscent chooses to play the flow of her embryonal thoughts by bringing us into the place the song was recorded, and in the exact moment the song was performed: besides the mesmerizing ambience, the piano keys together with their very distinguishable mechanics, we get to listen to her breath, before arriving at an answer that is only shyly revealed by her improvised humming.
This way Amberscent shows how words explain things in such a direct and precise way that they are somehow forced to sacrifice something; and those sounds instead, however vague they may be, can always carry within them all the meaning of what we are talking about.
What “Explained” tells us is something that surely can be heard but can not be spoken: this is the kind of silence that Amberscent would never do without as a composer.


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