Anima, the new Single by Naomi Rush

Get ready to be blown away by Naomi Rush’s fusion of rock and ethereal melodies in her debut single, “Anima”

Bristol, United Kingdom

Release Date: 2024-03-04
Check out Anima here: https://ffm.to/listentoanima

Bristol-based artist Naomi Rush has burst into the music scene with her highly anticipated debut single, “Anima”. This rock-inspired track is a fusion of grit and ethereal melodies, showcasing Naomi’s unique style and sound. With its release on March 4th, 2024, “Anima” is set to make waves in the music industry.

Naomi Rush has been honing her songwriting skills since her teenage years, releasing an EP and collaborating with various bands and projects. However, it was her studies in music therapy and her work with Choir Noir that led her to explore her own sound and create music that delves into human emotions and experiences.

“Anima” is a conversation between an emotionally fatigued adult and their inner child, who has been neglected and pushed aside for years. Naomi’s interest in the ego and child self is evident in the lyrics, which touch upon themes of self-destruction, people-pleasing and religious trauma. Producer Matt the Vessel has perfectly captured the depth and weight of these emotions through the heavy guitars and drums, while also incorporating softer elements with lo-fi beats and synth sounds.

The release of “Anima” marks a pivotal moment in Naomi’s career as an artist, and she couldn’t be more thrilled to share it with the world. This track is a testament to her growth and evolution as a musician, and it’s evident that she has found her unique voice and sound. Naomi draws inspiration from her interests outside of music, such as fantasy novels, anime, and video games, which adds a touch of magic and mystique to her music.

As “Anima” explores the depths of human emotions, it also showcases the evolution of the rock genre. The fusion of heavy and softer elements, along with the incorporation of different musical influences, is a testament to the evolution of this genre. Artists like Florence and the Machine, Evanescence, and Paramore have paved the way for this kind of experimentation and genre-bending, and Naomi Rush is following in their footsteps.

“Anima” presents thought-provoking lyrics and a captivating sound, making it a compelling choice for music enthusiasts. Naomi Rush’s debut single marks a promising beginning to her career, leaving us eager to witness her future endeavors.