Break Away, the new Single by The Bigger Picture

The Bigger Picture’s Latest Single Will Take You on a Sonic Journey You Won’t Forget

London, United Kingdom

Release Date: 2024-02-09
Check out Break Awat here: https://linktr.ee/TheBiggerPictureUK

The music scene in London, United Kingdom has always been a hub for diverse and innovative sounds. And the newest release from The Bigger Picture, a London-based alternative band, is no exception. Their latest single, “Break Away”, is out today, and it promises to be a powerful and thought-provoking piece of music.

The Bigger Picture, led by frontman Massimiliano Porcelli, has been making waves in the London music scene with their unique blend of alternative sounds and thought-provoking lyrics. Their music transcends genres and takes listeners on a sonic journey. And with their latest single, they continue to push boundaries and challenge the norms.

“Break Away” is a hymn to reconstruction, according to Porcelli. It’s a reminder to find courage and persevere through darkness to find the light. The song carries a message of hope and resilience, reminding us that nothing is definitive and every end brings a new beginning.

The Bigger Picture’s sound is a fusion of alternative rock, pop, and electronic elements, creating a unique and captivating style. Their music is reminiscent of genre-defying artists such as Radiohead, Muse, and Coldplay, but with their own distinct and refreshing twist.

The band, which finds its roots in the mind of Porcelli, has been joined by long-time collaborator Paolo Tognoloni (lead guitar). Their past releases have gained them a loyal fan base and critical acclaim. And with “Break Away”, they continue to evolve and explore new sounds and collaborations.

The single is the first of a series of releases planned for the next few months, promising a diverse range of sounds and genres. With the addition of fellow artists and musicians Stina Hellberg, Elvis Quagliotto, and Daniel Malek, The Bigger Picture is set to surprise and captivate listeners with their upcoming releases.