Canadian Alt-Pop Sensation TYA Makes a Triumphant Comeback with Empowering Anthem “Josephine”

TYA’s Gender Euphoric and Queer Single Captures the Magic of Love and Showcases their Artistic Prowess

Malmö, Sweden

Check out the single here: https://open.spotify.com/artist/3BfJEFO2MplxmXSjeNV1R4?si=gRAQAzbRSgCK1Ni-2IdfZg&nd=1

Canadian alt-pop artist TYA (tie-ah) has resurfaced after a year-long hiatus, captivating audiences with their powerful single, “Josephine,” released on June 1st. The track, an empowering gender euphoric and queer anthem, showcases TYA’s signature style of heartfelt lyrics and powerhouse vocals.

“Josephine” originates from TYA’s authentic queer spirit, perfectly capturing the euphoria of envisioning a shared future with someone at first sight. Drawing inspiration from the 1959 classic film “Some Like It Hot,” TYA’s artistry shines through in creating a compelling narrative arc within the song.

Born to theatre artist parents in Las Vegas, Nevada, TYA’s passion for entertainment and creation has been ingrained from an early age. With a unique upbringing spent touring with her parents, TYA’s journey as an artist was destined. Now, after honing their craft backstage, TYA steps into the spotlight with their long-awaited pop music debut.

TYA’s musical journey started with their natural talent for singing and early forays into songwriting. Their fusion of catchy melodies and poetic storytelling began with rhythmic poems to accompany their father’s tap dancing. Additionally, TYA boasts an impressive acting and dancing background, with credits in popular shows like Netflix’s Midnight Club and NBC’s Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist.

This groundbreaking release is just the beginning for TYA, with more music, videos, and live shows on the horizon for 2023. As an independent artist, TYA relies on the support of dedicated fans to propel their career forward. The essence of their music lies in empowerment and representation, fostering a welcoming space for all. As the alt-pop genre continues to evolve, TYA’s unique and authentic sound promises to resonate with a wide audience.

Join TYA on their musical journey as they inspire and delight with their extraordinary talent. Show your support for independent artists like TYA, who enrich the music scene with diversity, creativity, and passion. “Josephine” serves as a powerful reminder of the significance of fan support in shaping the success of emerging artists like TYA within the evolving alt-pop landscape.