Tolpamin - THIEF (explicit) Article Image - SONO Music Press Release

Canadian Artist Tolpamin Joins Iconic Hip-Hop/Rap Ranks with New Single ‘THIEF’

A Powerful and Captivating Track with Bold Production and Thought-Provoking Lyrics

Release Date: 2023-04-23
Check out THIEF (explicit) here: https://tolpamin.bandcamp.com/track/thief-explicit

Canadian artist Tolpamin has just released his brand new single “THIEF (explicit)”. This powerful track is a hard-hitting hip-hop/rap song with a captivating beat. The lyrics discuss the idea of getting “screwed” and feeling powerless within the system.

Tolpamin - THIEF (explicit) Article Image - SONO Music Press Release

The track was created by Tolpamin while living in a truck and traveling across North America. Tolpamin was able to use this time to produce his musical ideas and create the song. THIEF is released exclusively with a Creative Commons license, which can be read and accessed on Tolpamin’s Bandcamp page.

This single is a great example of how the hip-hop/rap genre has evolved over the years. What started as dance music in the 1970s has developed into a powerful and expressive genre. Tolpamin’s THIEF is a great example of the modern hip-hop/rap sound, showcasing bold production and thought-provoking lyrics.

Tolpamin joins a long line of iconic hip-hop/rap artists, such as Tupac, Run DMC, Public Enemy, and Outkast, who have used their music to share their messages and stories. With this single, Tolpamin is continuing the legacy of the genre and using his music to share his perspective on the world.

Overall, Tolpamin’s single is a powerful track that speaks to a wide audience. The song’s lyrics are engaging, and the production is bold and captivating. THIEF is a great example of the modern hip-hop/rap sound and is sure to be a hit with listeners.