Dark Horse, the new Single by Agata Karczewska

Rising Star Agata Karczewska Takes the Polish Music Scene by Storm with Her New Single “Dark Horse” – A Powerful Ode to Perseverance and Authenticity

Warsaw, Poland

Release Date: 2024-01-31
Check out Dark Horse here: https://linktr.ee/agata_karczewska

Agata Karczewska, a rising star in the Polish music scene, has recently released her new single “Dark Horse.” Hailing from Warsaw, Poland, Karczewska has been making waves with her unique blend of American folk and country music. Her music is often described as simple and genuine, showcasing her raw talent and heartfelt lyrics.

Karczewska draws inspiration from legendary songwriters like Elliott Smith and Bob Dylan, and it is evident in her music. Each of her compositions tells a story, whether it’s a personal memory or a cultural reference. Her strong, distinctive vocals and down-to-earth singing style, paired with acoustic guitar strumming, create a fresh sound in the Polish music scene.

The single “Dark Horse” is a country-style ballad with a cowboy twist. It reflects on the wisdom of placing your bets on the underdog, or the dark horse. The song speaks to those who have a tough time in life but continue to follow their own path. It’s a reminder to never give up and to persevere, no matter the challenges.

Karczewska’s music journey started in 2019 with her debut album “I’m Not Good at Having Fun,” which received critical acclaim and earned her a nomination for the prestigious Fryderyk award in Poland. She has also performed at significant festivals such as the Open’er Festival and Pol’and’Rock Festival. In 2020, she received the Mateusz award, a special distinction for young artists, presented by Radio Trojka.

In her latest single, Karczewska teamed up with renowned Polish producer and musician Marcin Bors, who has worked with famous artists such as Kult and Raz Dwa Trzy. Bors brings his expertise to the production, once again capturing the essence of American South in Karczewska’s music.

The cover art for “Dark Horse” is created by the talented Dawid Ryski, adding a visual element to the single. The release of this new single marks a new chapter in Karczewska’s career, and fans are eagerly waiting to see what she has in store for them.

Karczewska’s music is a proof of the evolution of folk and country music in Poland. With her unique style and heartfelt lyrics, she is making a name for herself in the industry. Her collaboration with John Porter for the album “On The Wrong Planet” further showcases her versatility as an artist.