he didnt - Loop Ritual EP Article Image - SONO Music Press Release

Explore a World of Hypnotic Loops and Distorted Riffs with HE DIDNT’s New EP, Loop Ritual

Experience the Dark and Mysterious Sounds in the Sonic Abyss with HE DIDNT’s Latest EP, Loop Ritual

Oxford, United Kingdom

Release Date: 2023-04-07
Check out Loop Ritual EP here: https://youtu.be/12CyG-rcs8Y and here: https://squareears.bandcamp.com/album/loop-ritual

he didnt - Loop Ritual EP Article Image - SONO Music Press Release

The Loop Ritual EP is HE DIDNT’s third release and offers a single-minded investigation into repetition and loops with heavy guitars scorched out across the frequency spectrum as if Seattle guitar duo Earth had uncovered true darkness within and merged into one Godless, electrified being.

Informed by the atmospheres of slow metal, 80s post-punk and industrial, Loop Ritual is a captivating and intense listening experience that is sure to leave its mark. With little regard for conventional song structures, the EP guides the listener through soundscapes that are at once familiar and alien, inviting them to explore a world of hypnotic loops, distorted riffs and haunting atmospherics.

The EP, which was recorded and mixed at Oxford’s Soundbase Studios and mastered at the iconic Abbey Road Studios, is the perfect introduction to the unique sound of he didnt, and will no doubt appeal to fans of boundary-pushing musicians like Earth, Swans, and even the likes of Pink Floyd and My Bloody Valentine.