Rebecca Richards - Music Maker Article Image - SONO Music Press Release

Music Maker: Rebecca Richards’ Inspirational Journey Back to Music

An Uplifting and Catchy Track That Reminds Us to Never Give Up on Our Passions. Music Maker is the story of having had a life but realising music is the only thing that matters. Set in a country / blues vibe Rebecca describes her return to music after so many years away.

Pontypool, United Kingdom

Release Date: 2023-03-10
Check out Music Maker here: https://open.spotify.com/album/2DQ1XdkNNUhPtKv3uitsJ8?si=4Kda6awyT56N1CZQ8peBxw&app_destination=copy-link

Music Maker is the story of Rebecca’s journey back to music and how it is the most important thing in her life. An uplifting and inspiring track that many of us can relate to.

Rebecca Richards - Music Maker Article Image - SONO Music Press Release

Music Maker is a song from Rebecca Richards from Pontypool, United Kingdom. Rebecca’s story is one of a young person who found music to be the thing she couldn’t live without. Despite taking a break for a few years, she eventually returned to it with a renewed passion and found success.

The song itself is a country/blues tune that speaks of the joy of being back in music. Rebecca’s vocals are passionate and sincere, as she sings of the importance of music in her life. The track is upbeat and catchy, with a chorus that will have you singing along.

The story behind the song is an inspiring one. It serves to remind us that, no matter how far away we get from the things we love, we can always come back to them. Rebecca’s journey is proof of that. Music Maker is a great reminder that our passions are never really gone, and that we should never give up on them.

Discover Rebecca at: rebeccarichardsmusic.com