Johan Davis Releases “Heaven”: A Leap into Mainstage EDM

Release Date: 2024-04-24
Check out the single here: Heaven

Johan Davis, an Italian DJ and producer known for his eclectic approach to electronic music, has just released his latest single “Heaven” under the banner of LFTD Global, a Canadian record label. This marks a significant pivot in his career towards mainstage EDM, influenced by industry giants such as Avicii, Kygo, David Guetta, and Lost Frequencies.

After years of captivating audiences as a DJ, Johan shifted his focus towards production, exploring various genres from Tropical and DeepHouse to his current passion for EDM. “Heaven” was born out of an evolving project that took a new direction, showcasing Johan’s adaptability and creative prowess in his private studio in Italy.

“Heaven” came to life quickly as Johan decided to redirect his efforts from a stalled project to something that felt more authentic and satisfying. The track is intended to evoke happiness and dynamic energy, presenting an upbeat take on love that diverges from typical melancholic love songs.

Johan Davis has built a reputation through performances at clubs and events across Europe and South America, with his music also gaining traction on radio stations across Italy, Spain, France, and South America. His seamless transition into EDM has not only broadened his musical scope but also intensified his impact on the electronic music scene.

Johan’s journey in music is about more than just making people dance; it’s about storytelling and using music as a means of connection and communication. “I started my journey as a producer with the intention of telling stories and not just creating music to ‘make people move’. I will continue my musical journey, I don’t know in which direction, but the goal is certainly to continue using music as a great means of union and communication,” says Johan Davis.

“Heaven” is now available for streaming on platforms like Spotify, inviting listeners to experience the energetic and joyful vibes Johan Davis has masterfully crafted. Fans can follow Johan’s evolving musical journey and updates on new releases through his social media channels.

With “Heaven,” Johan Davis not only sets a new course in his musical career but also reinforces his role as a dynamic storyteller in the world of electronic music.