Leeds Outfit Eades Launch Debut Album ‘Delusion Spree’

It's out on March 4th…

Leeds group Eades will release their debut album ‘Delusion Spree’ on March 4th.

The band have shared a string of belting singles, matching surrealistic word-play to nimble indie rock that is worth comparing to those early Parquet Courts records.

There’s something innately Northern at work in there, too, with Eades signing to Heist Or Hit.

‘Delusion Spree’ is out in Spring, and it’s led by bolting new single ‘Ever Changing’ and its urge for us all to re-connect with ourselves.

Punchy indie rock with a knack for ear-worm melodies, ‘Ever Changing’ is practically a mini-manifesto for the group.

Lyricist Tom O’Reilly elaborates…

“At that time I was finding myself in a lot of situations with self-involved characters that I had no interest in, purely because they’re an easy distraction from everything I didn’t want to think about. I kept jumping from toxic relationships to chaotic friendships without thinking I could take a step back and centre myself to actually tackle real problems. ‘Ever Changing’ is about burying my head in the sand and avoiding real issues in my life. It’s about finding new ways to procrastinate and change to make each day feel more exciting than it really is.”

Tune in now.

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Photo Credit: Sam Joyce

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