Parham Gharavaisi – Divided (I Have Become), the new Single by Parham Gharavaisi

Experience the Hauntingly Beautiful Melodic Gothic and Doom Metal of Parham Gharavaisi in ‘Divided (I Have Become)’ Music Video

NY, United States

Release Date: 2024-03-01
Check out Parham Gharavaisi – Divided (I Have Become) [Official Music Video] here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BHV3B_FsM_8

Parham Gharavaisi, a solo artist hailing from New York, United States, has just released his latest music single titled “Divided (I Have Become)”. The official music video for this hauntingly beautiful track is now available for fans to watch and listen to.

For those who may not be familiar with Parham Gharavaisi, he is a talented musician who specializes in producing Melodic Gothic and Doom metal music. His style is unique and his music is deeply rooted in emotions, taking listeners on a journey through darkness and light.

With “Divided (I Have Become)”, Parham Gharavaisi showcases his mastery in creating a captivating and thought-provoking track. The music video perfectly complements the song, with its dark and eerie visuals that add to the overall atmosphere.

The single starts off with a haunting piano introduction, setting the tone for what’s to come. As the song progresses, Gharavaisi’s powerful vocals take center stage, accompanied by heavy guitar riffs and intense drum beats. The lyrics talk about feeling divided and lost, struggling to find one’s true self in a world filled with chaos.

In the comment section of the music video, fans are already expressing their love for the song. One fan commented, “This song is pure magic, it speaks to my soul.” Another fan wrote, “Parham’s vocals are so captivating, I can’t stop listening to this song.”

Parham Gharavaisi himself also left a comment, simply stating “Thank you all for the support.” It’s clear that this single has struck a chord with both fans and the artist himself.

The music video for “Divided (I Have Become)” is a visual treat, with its dark and gothic aesthetic. The use of shadows and light adds to the overall mood of the song, making it a complete sensory experience.

Parham Gharavaisi’s talent and passion for music shines through in “Divided (I Have Become)”. With this single, he has once again proven his ability to create music that is both haunting and beautiful. Fans can’t wait to see what he has in store for them in the future.

In conclusion, “Divided (I Have Become)” is a must-listen for fans of Melodic Gothic and Doom metal music. Parham Gharavaisi’s powerful vocals and emotive lyrics make this single a standout in the genre. Be sure to check out the official music video and immerse yourself in Parham Gharavaisi’s dark and captivating world.

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