Raise Your Snapchat Game With Spotify’s New Snapchat Sharing Lens

Whether it’s your signature song or a new single you can’t stop playing on repeat, the music you love to listen to is a part of who you are. And we know Spotify users regularly share the music they’re loving with friends, as the number of songs shared to social media platforms grow each year. Now Spotify is expanding its partnership with Snapchat to bring users a whole new way to share their favorite tracks with friends and express themselves in stories.

Snapchat’s augmented reality Lenses let users transform their appearances and backgrounds. When sharing tracks from Spotify to Snapchat, you can now put you and your friends in the spotlight. The new “Share Track Lens” lets you capture the world around you on camera and easily share a track you’re loving. The lens will overlay the song title, artist name, cover art, and a link to listen to the track on Spotify. 

Access the new Lens directly from the Spotify share menu to create your own Snap and add authentic personalization to the music you share with your closest friends. 

Here’s how it works

  1. Make sure your Spotify and Snapchat mobile apps are updated.
  2. Start by selecting a track you want to share from Spotify and open the share menu.
  3. Hit the Snapchat “Lens” icon. The Lens will generate the track information on Snapchat.
  4. Create your Snap and share.

This feature is rolling out globally starting today for both Android and iOS users in markets where both Spotify and Snapchat are available. 

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