The Sound of Silence Boy, the new Single by Arrows of the Sun

Discover the Sound of Arrows of the Sun’s Latest Single – A Sort of Reflection of Our World Today

Oxford, United Kingdom

Release Date: 2024-02-16
Check out The Sound of Silence Boy here: https://open.spotify.com/track/0eBSJcvirOEVjACk0OM3Iu?si=c83d7ff72fec44eb

Arrows of the Sun, a band hailing from the small village of Oxfordshire, is getting noticed with their new single “The Sound of Silence Boy”. Led by singer/songwriter John Bond, this collective of musicians and friends has created a track that explores the current state of the world and the struggles of relationships in a time of chaos.

The song, which falls under the alternative genre, has been described as a mix of low-fi indie with shades of Granddaddy and Joy Division. It’s a heartfelt piece with a male vocal that touches on contemporary angst and the feeling of living in a disintegrating world. The lyrics speak of the challenges and uncertainty brought about by the global events and lockdowns, making it a relatable and timely piece for many.

“The Sound of Silence Boy” has already received praise from the long-running Oxford music magazine Nightshift, who named it their track of the month. They also noted that it is the best work the band has produced to date.

The story behind the creation of this song is just as intriguing as its sound. Bond was inspired to write it after going for a run over the local hills during a thunderstorm. The raw emotion and energy of the moment can be felt throughout the track. It was then recorded in a home studio/garage conversion, showcasing the band’s dedication and passion for their craft.

In a time where silence seems to speak louder than words, “The Sound of Silence Boy” sounds like a sort of reminder of the importance of communication and connection. It’s a song that will resonate with new listeners, and we’ are curious to hear more from Arrows of the Sun in the future.