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DRAGONFLY EFFECT partner with ex Breaking Benjamin drummer Chad Szeliga

Alt. Rock group DRAGONFLY EFFECT have partnered with Chad Szeliga, ex drummer for the platinum rock band Breaking Benjamin.

Chad Szeliga, who left Breaking Benjamin in April 2013 due to creative differences, has assumed the position of GM/TM (General/Tour Manager) for DRAGONFLY EFFECT, assisting them with booking shows, connecting with press and radio executives, networking, and marketing.

He brings to the table a wealth of experience, having been drumming for nearly 25 years and providing drum lessons to students and studio work.

DRAGONFLY EFFECT - Article Image - SONO Music Press Release

DRAGONFLY EFFECT expressed their enthusiasm for the partnership: “I grew up listening to Chad and watching live performances of him with Breaking Benjamin when I was a teenager, and to have him be a part of what we are doing now is beyond words!

My high school self would be losing his mind… It is a real honor and privilege to have him be involved in the capacity he is. He has become a wonderful friend and I am blessed to have him be a part of our lives. Chad has provided a lot of insight and has been an excellent mentor, of which I am eternally grateful. Having someone of his caliber in our corner means so much and it is a dream come true!”

The band is looking forward to the future with Chad’s guidance and mentorship, as he is dedicated to helping DRAGONFLY EFFECT grow to new heights and lead them to success. Matt Madjerich from the group said, “We are very excited to see where things go from here and how we will grow!”