Don’t Be Boring, Be A Different Artist.

“I’ve seen a ton of highly talented acts who were, for some reason or other, forgettable. I may have enjoyed it thoroughly at the time — total immersion in their beautiful sound — but then a month later, I can’t even remember their name”. 

How are you fundamentally different from others already out there? Maybe it’s the spangles and bangles that everyone wears at your shows, maybe it’s the screechy voice you sing with, maybe it’s your combo blues-disco vibe.

By taking the time to write down a “Statement of Difference” you’re making a clear and deliberate choice about who you want to be and how you want to affect your listeners. The answer might even surprise you. It could help you focus on the part of you that’s the most YOU and give you a simple North Star that guides everything you do. — courtesy of Ian R Temple, https://bit.ly/3kHnzfl 

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