Music and nature SONO Music Group

Music and Nature, an eternal connection.

All the world is sound, or vibration. From the smallest particle to the largest galaxy the interaction of the universe is sound, vibration. Rocks can rumble down a hill. A sea vent hiss. The crows have many voices and a bee more than one hum. – What’s your connection between your music and nature? Did you ever inspired to / get inspired by nature?

Humans have probably seen themselves as part of the harmony of the natural world for 100,000’s of years if any of the survival tribal wisdom is anything to go by. Aboriginal Australian tribes will go as far as to say that humans sing the world into existence as they walk along the ancient song lines that criss cross the land connecting places and spaces.

Making music in nature helps us be in harmony with ourselves, each other and the natural world. Scientifically the whole universe is vibration. Making spontaneous music that is inspired by the place is very connecting. It helps us become present. And that is a gift!