Embracing the Beat: Nieri’s Journey Through “Flow State”

Los Angeles, United States

Release Date: 08 March 2024
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From the pulsating heart of the dance-pop scene in Los Angeles comes a new beacon of radical acceptance and electrifying talent—Nieri. On his sophomore EP, “Flow State,” Nieri pushes the preconceptions of dance music further, layering the sounds with added emotion and authenticity.

Born in Milan, Italy, now showering LA with his rambunctious character, Nieri’s music is a full tapestry of experience, trials, tribulations, and the very human foibles that give the rest of us hope. More than an EP, “Flow State” takes one through a journey riding oneself along with the ebbs and flows, set to an enchanting electro-synth, techno beat, pop-laden melodies that dig deep into the soul.

Out on March 8, 2024, this 9-track piece invites the listener to experience Nieri, a world of evocative and striking beauty that totally epitomizes both vulnerability and authenticity, which would only be lost in translation if it were not for the international language of this art form.

A Deep Dive into “Flow State”

From the opening bars of lead single “Where Would You Drive?,” listeners are invited into an exploration of Nieri’s inner world.

His debut EP delves deeper into dark themes, with tracks like “Protein shake” and “ADD Technology,” where Nieri’s delivery cut close to the bone on matters of mental health and internal distress.

Seductive soundscapes of “Rated X” and “Spoiler Alert” plunge into the realms of relationships and desire, of managing light and play. But it’s “Every Feeling,” the closing track on the EP, that really does stand as a proper anthem to personal empowerment and the freeing of one’s emotions. With empowering lyrics, elevating production, and compelling vocals of Nieri, the song portrays a dance-pop masterpiece that encourages the listener to take back their empowerment and encourages feeling without fear. Being the creative process of “Flow State,” the “Flow State” was, in fact, a work of team effort, sharing producer credits with Joakim Buddee and co-producing the written material for the voices with Ingrid Witt, Jennifer Aalto, and Jade Ell for lyrics.

A week-long writing session in Stockholm saw Nieri’s raw ideas and first melodies transform into the compelling tracks that now form part of the EP.

What a true example of synergy this collaboration was, given by Nieri and his creative team, who put all their hearts and souls into the music project.

Nieri has released several singles off the EP in the past year, all with a visual video equally brilliant in nature and cinematics to expand the narrative and vision around her music. Such a multimedia approach is used for the sake of deepening the listening experience while also informing much more insight into themes of vulnerability, self-exploration, and emotional revelation sprawled throughout “Flow State.

A Call to the Dance Floor and Beyond In “Flow State,” Nieri welcomes listeners to a cathartic swirl in exploring their souls, providing an outlet for the exposure of emotions. The titillating mix of electronic components with EP-sensitive lyricism turns into a beacon of radical acceptance within dance music. It is a musical escape; home is found by the listener within one’s self from the freedom and empowerment to wholly and truly own who one is without inhibition or fear. And, as Nieri continues to thrill audiences around the world with his riveting stage presence and cutting-edge music from LA to NYC and beyond, “Flow State” will be a symbol of just exactly what creativity and self-expression might bring. In Nieri’s world, every beat, each synth line, and every set of lyrics remind the listener of one thing: amidst everything, is potential for very deep personal and collective transformation.