Gary Pratt’s “Til Your Boots Are Dirty” Celebrates Country Living

Award-winning country musician releases final single from MTS Records juggernaut.

Check out the single here

Country music fans are in for a treat with the latest single from award-winning Pittsburgh musician Gary Pratt. Titled “‘Til Your Boots Are Dirty,” the single celebrates all things country, from farms and dirt biking to catching crawfish in the creek. Pratt’s unique approach to country music, which blends classic sounds with his own style, has earned him international recognition, and his last single, “Sounds Like Whiskey to Me,” hit #1 on the National Radio Hits airplay charts and the UK iTunes Top 10.

For Pratt, “‘Til Your Boots Are Dirty” is a nod to his roots and a way to honor his upbringing. The song captures the essence of country living, from the joys of raising animals to driving a Soft-top Jeep Wrangler through the mud. The last line of the song, “You ain’t country til’ you feed ’em a little mud,” was inspired by a passerby who encouraged Pratt to get his Jeep a little dirty.

Fans can catch Pratt and his singing partner, Kate Szaller, when they open for Confederate Railroad in Pittsburgh on March 9th, 2023. In the meantime, listeners can check out “‘Til Your Boots Are Dirty” on Spotify and enjoy Pratt’s energy and connection with his audience as he celebrates country life.