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Harry Kappen Releases New Single ‘One Life’ as a Glimpse into His Upcoming Album

“From Musician to Therapist: Harry Kappen’s Journey of Spreading Love and Light Through Sound and Healing”

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Release Date: 24 March 2024
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Born to life from the very pulsating music scene of Amsterdam, Harry Kappen is yet another prodigious talent from the city. The Netherlands-based musician, celebrated for his music therapy and high class in artistry, unveils a new single, “One Life,” heralding an album by the same title ready to be dropped.

“One Life” – A Beacon of Hope in Turbulent Times

In “One Life,” Harry Kappen gives a stirring ballad that should be able to light through the competing tumult of modern existence. Divided between wars and climate emergencies in the world, with a huge flood of information, Kappen’s music seems to bring peace to those longing for love, light, and unity.

Drawing from the music legends of David Bowie, Paul McCartney, and Prince, Kappen manages to braid in a progressive rock/funk with a hint of Scandinavian pop tapestry that is as much personal as it is universally relatable.

The Versatile Virtuoso

Harry’s musical journey began in childhood, and from there, has been marked by his prolific output of songs for the band and Dutch television.

Kappen, as an accomplished and well-rounded multi-instrumentalist, has served many bands with his talent and has also been an executive producer for several Dutch pop ensembles.

These solo works find him by himself, writing, producing, and playing every instrument, suggesting a man seriously in love with music and with a reservoir of experience.

Beyond the stage and studio, Kappen has used music therapy to help youths struggling with development and behavioral issues turn the dysfunctional family patterns into harmonies of healing. He continues his dedication in academics for music therapy, going to pass over the knowledge to students through an international master’s degree lecture program.

The leading single off his forthcoming EP “One Life,” it certainly does message love and light. It is already causing quite a stir and further adds to the success of his earlier hits, collecting impressive streaming figures on Spotify.

The excellence in the musicianship of Harry Kappen is seen from the fact that he is able to integrate his vocation as a music therapist and his artistic genius in such a way that he could reach out to his audience with great empathy.

It is this singular perspective that places Kappen among the inspiring faces in the music world, with an album in tow that is creating quite a stir.

With an eclectic mix of genres and a deep well of influences, Harry Kappen is ready to add another significant chapter to the musical legacy of Amsterdam. For sure, what Kappen is to bring to the table could not have more obvious anticipation, as it shows that his very promising music will have touched fans in deeper and long-lasting ways.

Stay Tuned for “One Life”

“One Life” is a vivid call to arms for our generation, set against an inspirational track that epitomizes Kappen’s quest for love and light amidst the chaos of this modern world. The experienced musician, Kappen, has a deep influence from iconic musicians such as Bowie, McCartney, and Prince, which signposts an album pregnant with vivid stories and captivating melodies. Besides, Kappen’s work as a music therapist could only reiterate what he apparently knew: his contribution to music and the ability of music to provide not just comfort but also remedies to needy individuals.

The single “One Life,” from Harry Kappen’s upcoming full-length album, is released. It is now available for streaming on major platforms. Keep up with Harry Kappen’s music and upcoming releases at www.harrykappen.com.