Kynsy’s ‘Point Of You’ Offers Pop At Its Darkest

“Oh and I could say please / Be my baby / But what’s the point in that?”

Dublin’s Kynsy has unveiled her brand new single ‘Point Of You’.

‘Point Of You’ is Kynsy’s second release of 2022, following the funk-rock ‘New Year’.

A dark pop bop, ‘Point Of You’ utilises electronic instrumentation for a jittery bassline that dances around distorted electric guitar. Added drum kit bestows the track with an indie rock-y feel, ready for radio.  

The lyrics detail the darker side of relationships- falling for people that aren’t on the same wavelength as you, keeping up superficial appearances, seeking affection in the wrong places – these all familiar feelings Ciara Lindsay, also known as Kynsy, dredges up.  

“Oh and I could say please / Be my baby / But what’s the point in that?” laments Lindsey in the song’s pre-chorus.

Of the track, Lindsey explained: “Point Of You’ is me trying to work my way through the different sides of romance, happiness and disappointment. It’s about being stuck in the same cycle of falling in love with people who don’t or will never love you back and the feeling of tiredness that comes from attempting to have romantic relationships with people that never go your way.”  

The track is also accompanied by a quirky black-and-white video of Lindsey dressed as both patient and therapist, unpacking her relationship alongside her unravelling mind.

Tune in now.

Words: Gem Stokes
Photo Credit: Paula Trojner

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Source: https://www.clashmusic.com/news/kynsys-point-of-you-offers-pop-at-its-darkest