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Maddy Carty: Navigating the Waters of Parenthood Through Melodies in “Little One”

Finding the Essence of Motherhood: Maddy Carty’s Soul-Stirring Music Takes Us on a Journey of Love, Fear, and Everything in Between

London, United Kingdom

Release Date: 12 April 2024
Check out Little One here: Little One Single Link

Maddy Carty rose to stand out with her talents among the hustle of the ever-changing, frantic London music scene, not just for her ability to perform but as an incredible craftsman of songwriting. Described as “sickeningly talented” by Ian McCann of Record Collector Magazine and proclaimed as one possessing “strikingly sophisticated and self-contained talent” by Gavin Martin of the Daily Mirror, the new single from Carty, “Little One,” mines the emotional field of the delicate position of the parent and responsibilities and complex emotions that giving birth to a child brings.

A Song Between Two Worlds “Little One” still tugs at the heart, a truly fine piece of heartfelt reflection on the challenging journey into parenthood, something very personal and relatable worldwide. Maddy began writing the track at the beginning of her pregnancy and just recently completed it with the birth of her son—capturing a full circle from the anticipation of bringing new life into the world to actually living the life of a parent. “It feels like it’s between two worlds for me, the before and the after,” says Maddy.

The song dances along the great lines between such joy and such fears as come with new life, most emotions parents or soon-to-be parents would associate with.

A collaboration born of reconnection, the making of “Little One” and indeed the ‘Otherhood’ EP that will follow saw Maddy work with a good friend and university contemporary, Alex Bayly, who since has gone on to be a very talented artist and producer. It offers a softly seasoning soulful sound perfectly reflecting the mirror that is Maddy’s insightful songwriting.

“Unseen,” a track from the EP co-written by the duo, promises to showcase the fruitful synergy of their partnership.

Writing with other artists, including producers, and collaborations with labels such as Warner, Spinnin’, Mad Decent, have seen her influence reach out far and wide. And also with their music, streaming can also enable more fans to access and listen to their songs, hence making their music more popular. The First Glimpse of ‘Otherhood’

“Little One” is but the opening track to what shapes up to be a deeply introspective and EP that manages to really hit all the right notes. ‘Otherhood’ gets into so many different meanings of parenthood, from the great love to the insecurities that come with it, in often deep ways. But her choice to leave “Little One” stripped back breathes an intentionality toward keeping center stage her powerful voice and the heartfelt lyrics, beckoning the listener into a space of shared understanding and empathy.

Looking Ahead Maddy Carty can’t wait to follow it up with her own music, which is set to come in 2024. The singer-songwriter mixes a ton of soul and pop into her sound, sure to go down smooth. Through “Little One,” Maddy strived not to sing with the listener only on a personal level but to also offer some solace as she treads this beautiful but tough journey of life called parenting.

“Maddy Carty’s voice captures both honesty and intensity,” they promise, “with ‘Otherhood’ standing to be an album that could prove a game-changer in her already outstanding career.” As she has negotiated the landscape of becoming a mother and getting to know herself all over again, the music she made also changed, quite like life does. Keep your eyes—and ears—peeled for Maddy Carty’s ‘Otherhood’; it is a testament to how music can cut through, scale the heights, and ultimately find solace in the myriad layers of our shared human experience.