Magnetar, the new Album by Perdurabo

Don’t miss out on this musical masterpiece that has been 10 years in the making.

Torino, Italy

Release Date: 2024-01-26
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Perdurabo Announces Debut Album: “Magnetar” – 10 Years of Resilience and Evolution

There’s not enough to be done for him. He wants more. It’s what it looks like after a decade of dedication and artistic exploration. We got info about Italian multi-instrumentalist and composer Davide Arneodo. Also better known as Perdurabo. He is finally ready to unleash his debut album “Magnetar”. This highly anticipated release marks a significant milestone in his musical journey, showcasing his unique blend of electronic, rock, and classical influences.

Hailing from Torino, Italy, Davide’s musical career does not start here. It began as a member of the alt-rock band Marlene Kuntz. We can say they have experimental sound and thought-provoking lyrics. This caused the band to quickly gain recognition in the Italian music scene. However, amidst challenging times, Davide decided to embark on a solo journey. Wonder if he established his label. This allowed him to fully explore his musical vision and create a sound that is truly his own.

Through his solo project, Davide has released two EPs. These got names: “Komponent” and “The Time Traveller”. These have received nice and proper acclaim. His compositions “The Answer” and “10 Pianos” also were a hit. These are living proof of success.  Songs were even featured on Nils Frahm’s prestigious Piano Day playlist. This served as a testament to Davide’s versatility. Which resulted in a unique approach to music.

Last year, Perdurabo released three captivating singles. Each features are masterpiece collaboration with talented artists like Daudi Matsiko, Tom Adams, Echlo, and Miro Shot. These singles provided a taste of what was to come. Let’s take a scope in the full album and receive positive feedback from both critics and fans.

“Magnetar” had different hands working on it. He worked alongside the exceptional talents of Gareth Jones and Matt Colton in London. We can note that the album also features collaborations with renowned artists. We can mention artists that you could have heard before. Some of them are Jörg Wähner from Apparat, Gabriele Giletta, and Jochen Arbeit from Einstürzende Neubauten. Additionally, New York artist Andy Gilmore has added a captivating visual dimension to the record. We can appreciate four distinct covers that reflect his visionary perspective.

As a genre-defying artist, Perdurabo’s music is a unique fusion of different styles and influences. His debut album is a testament to his ability to transcend genres. It is a creation that is truly his own. In a statement, Davide shared, “The production of ‘Magnetar’ has been a life process, a personal evolution as a man, as well as a musician and producer. A life journey spanning 10 years that coincidentally aligned with my evolution as an artist. Every note, every collaboration, marks the passage of years spent shaping a sound that I hoped could transcend genres.”

He further added, “In this album, I let all my influences converge, from classical music to the powerful sound of Marlene Kuntz, to the three-dimensionality of electronic music, which I decided to absorb firsthand during my years in Berlin and London. An album that speaks of resilience, of determination in the pursuit of a vision that gives a complete meaning to the word Perdurabo – I will endure until the end.”

With “Magnetar”, Perdurabo got for sure of his place as a rising force in the music industry. His debut album is a clear testimony to his resilience. Also a remarkable determination. It is a perfect reflection of his evolution as an artist. It is a must-listen option in your playlist. This is made for anyone looking for a unique and innovative musical experience. “Magnetar” is now available on all major streaming platforms.

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