The Dynamic Duo of Trap: Keogea & Kay Prince Forge Ahead with “New Money”

The Ultimate Hip Hop Anthem Celebrating Loyalty and Gratitude for Friends
New York City, United States

Release Date: 2024-03-29
Check out NEW MONEY here: https://youtu.be/mndASfkBk9w

It’s hence their music that sets the upcoming acts in the ever-evolving world of trap and hip-hop, Keogea & Kay Prince, apart not only for music but for the journey, influences, and natural bonding between the members and connection with the roots. Now this pair, whose camaraderie blossomed over their shared passion for gaming, takes a giant leap armed with influences from 2Pac to J., into the music scene. Cole to Future and Lil Durk, and a recent track that’s setting the stage for their ascent: “New Money”.

From Gamers to Music Makers

The story of Keogea & Kay Prince is one that’s woven with strands of destiny, friendship, and shared dreams. Years since they met, from working together as game buddies to now collaborating in the making of music, this evolution seems almost serendipitous. But then, forming creative partnerships is totally unpredictable. Their beginnings are as different as their music orientations: Keogea massively influenced by the likes of Nas and Kendrick Lamar, and Kay Prince vibing to sounds of Hunxho and more.

This stew of influences yields something great: a sound that is one part introspective lyricism, one part captivating rhythms echoing the giants on whose shoulders it stands.

A Tale of Two Cities

The duo marked a milestone in the journey with the release of “New Money,” a song that had been in the works since 2019. Made between New York City and Virginia, the collaborative effort highlights the shared chemistry and ethos between the two. With old friend Marvellous at the helm of production, it allows for the album to have a sort of quirky serendipity, underlining the very unpredictability of the industry and presentation of so-called “beautiful accidents” that often morph into artistry.

The Essence of “New Money”

At its heart, “New Money” peels away the plasticky reflections to ask what lasts—fame, fortune, or loyalty and friendship? That is a thread stringing deep for Keogea & Kay Prince as she navigates to stardom in the music world. The song is in place to remind, no matter how high one flies, the foundation of true relationships remains unshaken. And that grounding principle is put into words so well that it defines both their music and the very sense of life: “new money wit the same old friends what can I say some things never change.

Looking Forward

With performances that already catch the ears of audiences and the impetus to bring their music to greater fan bases, the two are on a trajectory that promises to see more hits, greater collaboration, and an even greater depth of creativity as they pioneer the themes that define their artistry.

“GOLDS IN MY MOUTH” was just the beginning; with “NEW MONEY,” they’re not just making tracks—they’re making statements.

A Soundtrack for Loyalty

More than a track, “New Money” is the authentic anthem of real people who know that integrity and genuine connections are worth more than any hollow glimmer of success. With their trap/hip-hop brand perfect for riding in the coupe when you’re just enjoying life with a little cockiness, not taking everything too serious, Keogea & Kay Prince do just that. As the saying goes, how far they get to fame or new amounts of money that they come across, they will still be close to those who stayed when they were down. In the world of Keogea and Kay Prince, truly nothing will have changed.