The Score, the new Single by V of 40M

Join the 40M Movement and Experience the Power of V’s Music with his Latest Track, ‘The Score'”

Pitt Co., NC, United States

Release Date: 2024-02-29
Check out The Score here: https://song.link/us/i/1728907675

Revolutionary artist V of 40M, also known as the Architect of “Revolutionary Rap,” is back with a bang, shaking the foundations of hip-hop with his latest single, “The Score.” This powerful track, produced by LABACK, features collaborations with fellow 40M members, 40M Tye and Hippie G, and is set to ignite the music scene once again.

Hailing from Pitt Co., NC in the United States, V of 40M has been leading the charge for the Black Independence people’s movement known as Forty Million Strong (40M). Since his global debut just over two years ago, V has been making waves with his unique blend of music and activism. The 40M movement, aimed at establishing sovereign land and autonomous rule for Blacks, is seamlessly integrated into V’s music, creating a powerful and impactful experience for listeners.

From his debut release, “No Church on Sunday,” to the recent “Martin Luther,” V of 40M has remained steadfast in his mission to inspire, inform, motivate, and mobilize the masses. And with “The Score,” he continues to do just that.

“The Score” marks a significant chapter in V of 40M’s musical journey, combining thought-provoking lyrics with LABACK’s masterful production. Collaborating with 40M Tye and Hippie G adds depth and diversity to the track, creating a powerful anthem that resonates with the revolutionary spirit of the 40M movement. The track is a true testament to V’s skills as an artist and his unwavering dedication to the cause.

Upon the release of “The Score,” V of 40M couldn’t contain his excitement and took to social media to share the news. “Big 4’s! Make sure y’all tap in, V of 40M on all socials and 40m.us to connect. For the Melanites across the world, 40M4ver@gmail.com – hit the box, we got work to do! Heavy..” he commented, showcasing his passion and enthusiasm for the movement and his music.

Fans of V of 40M can expect “The Score” to be a game-changer in the world of hip-hop. With its powerful message and infectious beats, the track is sure to leave a lasting impact on listeners. And with the support of 40M Tye and Hippie G, V has once again proven that he is a force to be reckoned with in the music industry.

So, for all the hip-hop lovers out there, make sure to add “The Score” to your playlist and join the 40M movement. Let’s support V of 40M as he continues to use his music to bring about change and empower the Black community.

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