Transfigured, the new Single by Spirits Of Saturn

London-based Synth-Pop Band, Spirits of Saturn, Announces Release of Their Third Single, Transfigured

London, United Kingdom

Release Date: 2024-03-01
Check out Transfigured here: https://open.spotify.com/track/4vMz4xq09noioKszyn4Rkb?si=d86bb6e38e094f9f&nd=1&dlsi=350a2e8ab01b4ed2

Let’s talk about the Spirits of Saturn. They are a London-based synth-pop band. It has recently announced the release of their new single, Transfigured. Let’s be on the edge. Their new single is set to be released on March 1st, 2024. It is the band’s third release following their debut track “Feelings Agency”. Also their second single “100mph”.

Formed in 2022, Spirits of Saturn is composed of members Early Sans, Edmund Blackadder, Scott Docherty, and Elian Lion. The band draws inspiration from legendary artists such as Kraftwerk, Todd Rundgren, Daft Punk, and Suicide, but adds their unique touch to create an upbeat, synth-led sound.

We can see their previous two singles received positive feedback. Also is confirmed that their debut shows in London selling out. Besides these aspects, also Spirits of Saturn has already made a mark in the music industry. They also had the opportunity to go on a UK main support tour with Temples. Genuinely performed at renowned venues like Koko, Brudenell Social Club, and Band on the Wall.

By the way, we can name their upcoming single is named “Transfigured”. With the wonderful work done, It promises to be another hit for the band. It was Recorded at Loop Studios in Manchester. Besides, it was mixed and mastered by Superorganism’s Tucan. The song is a thumping synth-pop ballad. It is also identified as mesmerizing string melodies that weave together like a neon tapestry. The lyrics explore the mental processes that come with the end of a relationship, and how one gains perspective and moves on as time passes.

They got plans for anticipation of the release, Spirits of Saturn will be headlining at London’s Dream Bags Jaguar Shoes. This place is represented by Permanent Creeps. The band commented on the new single, saying, “We feel we have created an emotionally charged song that will capture the ears and hearts of listeners who have gone through a breakup. It’s undeniably catchy with a perfect arrangement of sounds and lyrics. Also, It’s epic and melancholic. And will have your head bopping and your fist thumping.”

Fans and music enthusiasts are not ready to negotiate more time. Patiently waiting. They’re waving right now for the release of Transfigured. Skillfully, it promises to be a hit among synth-pop lovers. The band continues to make a mark in the music industry with its unique sound and captivating lyrics. We can’t wait to see what they have in store for us in the future. Keep an eye out for Spirits of Saturn and their latest single, Transfigured, on March 1st!

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