We Need, the new Single by Cloud Ray

Join Cloud Ray on a Journey of Betrayal, Healing, and Boundaries with His Emotionally-Charged Single ‘We Need’

Old Bridge, United States

Release Date: 2024-01-26
Check out We Need here: plc.fan/SP2APD18CA

Cloud Ray is an emerging artist in the Hip Hop/Rap scene, and his latest single “We Need” has been released on January 26, 2024. This track is a powerful blend of hard-hitting rap lyrics, emotional R&B vocals, and fast-paced hip hop drums with hints of electronic influence. But beyond its catchy beats and infectious rhythm, “We Need” delves into a deeper, more personal subject matter.

In this single, Cloud Ray opens up about the complexities of family relationships and the importance of setting boundaries. With his passionate delivery and thought-provoking lyrics, Cloud Ray takes listeners on a journey through his own experience of betrayal from family members and the healing process that follows. But what sets “We Need” apart is its ability to connect with listeners from all walks of life, making it more than just a song, but an emotional experience.

Cloud Ray’s dedication to creating a relatable and impactful track is evident in his collaboration with acclaimed engineer mixedbygabriel at Cook It Up Studios in Brooklyn, NY. Together, they have brought “We Need” to life with carefully crafted pitch corrections and creative freedom, resulting in a version that is sure to captivate audiences.

Even more impressive is the backstory behind “We Need.” Originally intended for his debut EP, “Urban City Elegance,” this single was left off the final cut. But this allowed Cloud Ray to revisit and perfect the track, giving it the attention it deserves and releasing it at just the right time.

With influences ranging from J. Cole to Nicki Minaj, Cloud Ray’s music is a fusion of Hip Hop, Pop, EDM, and House. And with over 1,000,000 streams worldwide from his EP, “Urban City Elegance,” and a successful tour, Cloud Ray is making his mark on the music industry.

Make sure to add “We Need” to your playlist. Cloud Ray’s powerful storytelling and infectious beats will have you hitting repeat and experiencing a range of emotions with each listen. Don’t miss out on this rising artist’s latest release and join him on his journey to the top.